Regedor Creations (RC) was founded by Miguel Regedor, and embodies a singular mission:

Learn by exploring new ideas and supporting motivated individuals in their continuous journey of improvement.

Our Philosophy

Our foundation is built on a school-like mindset. We deeply value knowledge, understanding that it’s through its dissemination that both individuals and society can truly grow.

Why We Do It?

We believe in people. We believe that collectively, we hold the power to shape the “better world” we all wish to inhabit.

How We Do It?

Diversity is our strength. RC prides itself on comprising individuals from varied backgrounds and life journeys. This diversity brings forth a plethora of unique perspectives to every project we undertake.

What We Do?

Our focus is on developing projects, predominantly technology-based, that offer innovative solutions to contemporary and anticipated challenges.

Our Projects:

  • Wellbeing Warrior: A tool designed to assist companies in enhancing their human dynamics.
  • Blue Heart Explosion: A corporate retreat located in Portugal, packed with thrilling experiences and activities.
  • Happy Flat: A platform that … (Your description here)
  • Cá Vou Eu: A comprehensive digital platform catering to those considering relocating to Germany.

Contact Us:

Regedor Creations, Unipessoal Lda
Rua Tenente Ferreira Durão 65, 1°Esq.
1350-312 Lisboa - Portugal
Phone: +351 911129977

Find us in Lisbon, Braga, and Munich.